Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Got coffee?

There are some times in your life when you wonder if there is ever enough coffee in this world to make it through another day! LOL! Even with it I can barely keep my eyes open anymore and I'm seriously thinking about resorting to the dreaded Mt. Dew diet. Yuck!

It has been incredibly busy in all areas of my life lately. All my wonderful JS Designs fans have been keeping me busy with orders and I really, truly appreciate it! And of course my personal life has had a lot of bumps lately, nothing too major, but enough to just shake things up a bit.

Last weekend my cousin got married and it was one of the most beautiful weddings ever! The bride (and groom) were stunning and I just loved all the wonderful colors and to top it off, it was the best weather ever! Events like these remind me why I'm such a creative person. I need to be able to express beauty in my own way, although sometimes I wonder if it's true beauty or just something cute :) The main reason I make these great little outfits is to bring together comfort and beauty. Simple lines, comfortable clothing is the main focus here. Sure I love pretty little froo froo dresses, but I don't ever dress my girls in them. I think that they can make the most basic dress look beautiful just by being themselves. Their personality are what make them beautiful and I dress them to match their personality.

Well enough of my dreaming for the moment. I think I need another coffee break and maybe a little energy to get a few more things done. Remember that I will be in Brooklyn Elementary School for a craft fair on Saturday and I hope that you will be able to join me!

Have a wonderful, and beautiful, day!

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