Friday, February 10, 2012

It's my birthday...Blah! (Photo overload, watch out)

Okay, I am not very fond of birthdays, obviously. Since the girls have been born it seems like they just aren't that important anymore. They are so close together and it's much more fun to make their birthday a big deal :)

I am really not looking forward to this year in some ways. I usually have the worst years when I have a birthday with a 0 or a 5 at the end. I vow that this year will be better but it is February and I have already said goodbye to two dear family members. At least everything else seems to be going great and I have all of you guys to thank for it.

So most of you know I have been working on baby stuff left and right. I am actually stocking up on this because I have a boutique I'm working with to sell items to as well as having them available to all you wonderful folks!

Since I know that you guys will forgive me and let me upload photos that aren't edited yet, here are some of the goodies....

Our barking dogs burp cloths

Normally will be $3 each or $7.50 for a set of 3.

Solid Blue Flannel Burp Cloths
Pink Fairies Burp Cloths
Solid Pink Flannel Burp Cloth

So instead of the normal (really low price) of $3 each or $7.50 for a set of three, for today, February 10th, they will be 35% off. That is $1.95 for one and $4.88 for 3, but they must all be the same fabric. Want a better deal? How about 9 for $12? Send me an email to order at this deal.

Maybe you would like a little more information about these....Well they measure approximately 20" x 12" so they are very generous and they are curved to fit your shoulder better. Made out of 100% cotton flannel they are super absorbent and very soft against baby's skin.

Now onto my other favorite baby item....receiving blankets! I have so many of these right now, it isn't funny! And I have more sitting next to the serger to be made! I didn't get that far yesterday but hopefully more will be made as you are busy putting together your orders.

So the same is true for these beauties, 100% cotton flannel, super soft, and 35% off today only. There are two sizes, regular size is 30" x 30", the large is 30" x 40", and I am going to add a extra large size of 34" x 40" as well. Normal price is $5 for regular, $6 for large, and $7  for extra large. Today they will be $3.25 for regular, $3.90 for large and $4.55 for the extra large size.

So here are the options available....and there are some additional fabrics I will try to include that I haven't been able to obtain in the stores but can order them.

Solid Blue Flannel
I love Grandma Pink
I love Mommy/Daddy Blue
I love Grandma Blue
I love Mommy/Daddy Pink
 White with Blue Dots
White with Pink Dots
Ballerina Princess
Pink Fairies

So these are some of the options...I have more in my arsenal but I think I've overloaded on pics :)

Let me know if you have any other questions! There will be more fun posted on facebook and twitter so make sure to check those out too!

Have a great day!

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