Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Christmas in July - Starts soon....


Just wanted to fill you in quick on my Christmas in July event.

I was going to start it on Sunday but we had a crazy weekend and it just got away from me. So it will officially start Friday morning and will continue throughout the month. There will be the auctions like I previously said, there will be flash sales, especially Friday nights, but there will be other ones announced as well. There will be new products showing up! And I promise that there will be something great the last week of July since I will be on vacation and prepping for the Summer Craftacular! Oh boy, what a July it will be. So look for more announcements coming soon and make sure to always check in my Etsy shop to see if I am feeling generous for the day :)

Well I am back to the kiddos and hoping my tophatter items actually sell in an auction today! :)

Have a great 4th and see you again soon!

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