Thursday, November 1, 2012

So many changes

Hello everyone!

There have been so many changes I have had a really hard time keeping up with everything and with everyone! Sorry but orders have been a top priority and I have 10 times more orders this year than last already so I am tyring to fit everything in :)

I hope that you have been over to Etsy and checking my shop out lately. I have been adding and renewing like crazy and there are some great items that have been changed up to show the new variations in listings that Etsy has started rolling out! Check out these great items that have been updated:

Like our Pink Owl Mary Jane Slippers for Infants:

And some of the flannel receiving blankets:

And of course, one of my favorites (which is still under construction, need to get photos of the fabric choices up):

And then there are the new things that I have been working on:

Like these Slouchy Boots for Baby (next up Kids and eventually Women's)

And the new lip balm pots:

I have been too busy creating to do anything else! Plus I have so many things cut and ready to sew up for the holiday season. Watch the shop for more ready to ship Lounge Pants (including a few Adult sizes) and lots of the Mary Jane Slippers (especially in the Women's sizes). So I am going to get back to my sewing and I will share more again soon! Oh, and rumor has it that there will be a coupon code going around on Twitter very soon, maybe you want to go follow me!

Have a great day!

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