Sunday, June 16, 2013

This week's deal and new listings

So many things going on here but here are some of the things going on here!

This week's Ebay Listings:

Blue Vines Cotton Newborn Mary Janes
Ends tomorrow morning around 8am

White with Butterflies Flannel Newborn Mary Janes
Ends Tuesday morning

Yellow with Butterflies Cotton Newborn Mary Janes
Ends Wednesday morning
Loopy Hearts Cotton Newborn Mary Janes
Ends Thursday
Blue Garden Delights Flannel Newborn Mary Janes
Ends Friday

Orange with White Dots Cotton Newborn Mary Janes
Ends Saturday

Today's newest addition :)
Blue Pussywillows Cotton Mary Janes in Women's size 9
Ends next Sunday

Lots of items were relisted on Etsy but here are the new items just added (yes some of them are the same as above).

Blue Daisy Hairpins - set of two for $5 
White Butterfly Flannel Newborn Mary Janes - $12

Coral Floral Cotton Newborn Mary Janes - $12

Itty Bitty Pink Rose Earrings - 5mm - $3
Stay tuned because I have more great items going up for auction this week and more listings being added to Etsy. I will share them this week often so that you can see all the great deals going on!

Have a great day!

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