Thursday, May 19, 2011

The who is done, how about the where and why?

Let's start with the why....

Last year I was really getting frustrated with trying to find the girls an Easter outfit. They are twins but they are nothing alike, we knew that from birth! But they are sisters and people have a hard time telling them apart so I like to get them similar items in different colors. Well the shopping wasn't going so well and I had my sewing machine downstairs. So I decided to go find a cute pattern, which I did, and find some adorable fabric, which I did, and I created these....

Oh, and then I decided last minute that I better make another set since we were celebrating two different days for each of our families. So I made this and a green one to match....

Since then I started making little things, like skirts and tops for myself. Lots of experimenting, which sometimes is a lot of fun. Made the girls holiday outfits and I was hooked. Talked to some of my friends and BOOM suddenly I jumped. Set up a facebook page and this blog to see where it would go. Today I am up to over 400 fans on facebook and 55 followers here on the blog. Not too bad for less than 3 months on the web.

And on to the where...

I live in a little town in Southern Wisconsin. My husband and I agreed that we wanted our kids to go to a small school but still have some of the diversity that a larger town would have. Well there might not be a lot of diversity but it is a tourist town and there are festivals almost every weekend in the summer time. That means that we see a lot of people go through town which is great. There is a great coffee shop, great bakery and a wonderful park for the kids to play at!

I was thinking about giving you guys a tour of where I work but guess what? It's under construction. I am totally overhauling the space I used to use (which is the second time) to make it work better for my and for my family. So you will just have to wait for pictures later!

Thanks again to all of you for your support. There are so many people that helped me out along the way and there is no way to tell you how much you mean to me! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


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