Friday, August 26, 2011

Freebie Friday - August 26th, 2011


I am feeling a little ambitious. Well I am a little crazy in fact. This Sunday I am going to participate in this awesome craft show on an apple orchard in central Wisconsin. It is this fabulous 22 acre farm and the owner actually does quilting and they are gorgeous. You can find the info for this great event here. Please come and visit! I would love to see you! Anyways, back to me being crazy. I decided to do it yesterday. I signed up today. I have 23 skirts in my inventory, that's it. What was I thinking :) Well with lots of planning and working hard on getting current orders out I think I'm going to have a lot of stock there. Just don't be surprised if I am a little tired :)

This Freebie Friday we are giving away our newest design that actually isn't quite finished and I would love your input (as always). It's a very simple dress but can be worn so many ways, here is a photo of two I have made....

I thought these were a great addition to the girls wardrobe while we were working on potty training. Kat loves how easy they are to just lift up and go. Mia insists she is a princess in these dresses. But then she is always a princess.

I will give away one reader this dress in one of the following sizes 12 mo, 2T, 3T, or 4T. More sizes are coming but I want to test the pattern out first. I will give you a selection of fabrics to choose from when you win.

So how do you enter? Just leave a comment on what you would like added to this dress to make it perfect for your tastes. Does it need a pocket? two? a cute ruffle flower? would you prefer it in fleece? Leave your comment below by midnight tonight and I will pick a winner with tomorrow morning.

Well off to work on more designs! Yay!

Have a great Friday!


  1. I really love the idea of fleece. When my daughter was around 9 months old, I remembered she had a Carter's fleece dress that was SO cute. And I know that there are some super cute fleece prints out there!!! :) ps....looking forward to our corduroy one, too!!!

  2. I like the idea of making of more of a jumper dress with two pockets on the front. To make it a "dressy" dress you can add a pretty ribbon that can tie in the back and a little ruffle band to the bottom. A fleece lined one would be great for colder months. :)
    kmonkey13 at yahoo dot com

  3. Fleece would be great for MI weather that will be arriving soon so it could be worn with a long sleeved shirt underneath and some leggings. However I love pockets and I think one at an angle would be super cute!

  4. What a cute dress! I think a ribbon detail sewn around the waist with a cute little bow in the middle would make a darling addition.
    Allibird1 at aol dot com

  5. I would love to see this in fleece or corduroy for this fall/ winter. But for spring/summer I would enjoy a floral dress with a little fabric ruffle at the bottom or a ribbon detail with small bow or rosette at an empire waist.
    jennifer dansberger jones

  6. Codroy with two pockets on the front :)

  7. I would love a ruffle down the middle, like a folded one?? beelensmama at gmail dot com

  8. maybe make a sewn on ribbon/ bow necklace... my girls love jewelry but will never keep it on
    tia nishiyama

  9. Post for Diana C who loves this dress so much she bid on it after the auction was over :) Anyone else having issues posting to the blog - please email me or comment on facebook so I can check it out or post for and

  10. I love this dress it is so adorable, I like how simple it is, it would be lovely just as it is. Two simple little pockets in the front might be nice as well.
    heididaily at gmail dot com

  11. Depending on the pattern, I think a little flower would be cute!! the pockets sound cute 2!!!

  12. I LOVE the clean lines, but it does need a little something to make it really stand out. I do like the look of 2 pockets, but a little bow in the middle of the neckline or a little row of small flowers around the neckline would be a cute detail. Maybe a ruffle down the middle with some buttons or a bow at the bottom of the ruffle. Idk. Adorable dress though!

  13. i adore this its simple and sweet my niece would be perfect she loves pockets


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