Friday, September 9, 2011

Freebie Friday Giveaway - September 9, 2011

Wow! I almost forgot about Freebie Friday! And no one reminded me, that's crazy! :)

So I got a little caught up in my family and trying to finish up all the resale stuff. I have computer work to do and a few more toys to get tagged before I'm done, but I'm close!

This week I will give away another bow tie! These seriously are adorable and I love them so much! I will email you a selection of fabrics I have available for you to chose from (and might even be able to order some). Now I wish I had a little boy to give this to....

Here's what I need a comment on for your entry today. Would you be interested in accesories like mitten clips, scarves and possibly mittens?  Here's my personal scarf that I'm thinking about adding, or something similar....

Ignore my scowl. I don't really like to get my picture take, and usually my tongue is out instead. Makes me laugh at least :)

And because I will be gone tonight and tomorrow (I have to be at the resale at 6AM! That's the worst part about being a team leader) I will keep this open until tomorrow evening and midnight. So this closes at 11:59PM Saturday September 10th. I will use to pick the winner and post it Sunday morning.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. you said you weren't doing freebie friday anymore....but I think mitten clips would be great my little one is going to preschool this year and could probably use a pair of mitten clips..

  2. LOL! I did kind of say that didn't I. I think I was trying to leave it open since I was going to be busy the next few weeks, but I was really just going to skip one! I like getting all your input! :)

  3. mittens and mitten clips for sure.....I'm going to have to say no to the scarf. Not a big scarf fan :)

  4. Mittens would be so cute! Maybe mittens with matching leg-warmers. :) I think your scarf if kind of cool, but I don't wear them.

    Allibird1 at aol dot com

  5. What about purses or bags?!?! I like the scarf...I don't wear them but could buy them for presents!! :)

  6. I love the colors in the "scowling scarf" you're wearing. (And, yes, I believe that should be a name suggestion taken very, very seriously)!!! haha! Anyway, hope the resale went well. Got a ton of news to update you on, I will shoot you an inbox when I have a few extra minutes.

  7. I would definitely be interested in mitten clips, scarves and mittens. I absolutely LOVE the scarf you are wearing in the photo, you probably get quite a bit of compliments on it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  8. I love the scarf! I'd be interesting in one of those and mitten clips.


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