Friday, December 30, 2011

I have been dreaming of babies....

More like daydreaming but they are still there. Unfortunately they aren't in my future but they might be in yours :)

I made this custom order a few weeks back and I decided that I will be adding it to my shop. And I am thinking that some more baby items are in order! I have no newborn items in the shop (besides lounge pants) and that needs to change. So here is the newest addition to my shop:

It's a sleep sack! :)

So the cute fabric is actually discontinued and is really hard to find. The sleep sack will be offered in light blue, pink, light yellow and light green, and I might throw in some purple too :) Of course if you would like one with a pattern I can definitely work on finding just the right pattern for you!

It has been so long since I have heard from you and I would love your input! Please post a comment on some baby items you would love to see :)

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. that's really cute!! no babies here though either!! :) what about bibs/burpbloths, or those lil taggie blankets... i'm trying to think of baby items and drawing a blank at the moment!! great job!!

  2. Great job on another blog post! I missed you!!! Sleep sacks are a great idea....could you do a matching (simple) stuffed animal, like in the same fleecy print? We received several stuffed animals when we had a newborn in the house - BUT none of them had sewn on eyes (versus the bead eyes) and nothing that could be torn off as a choking hazard. Just a thought....kind of outside your normal box!!


Thank you for sharing.... :)