Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yay! It's happening again...

Okay, truth is I am never happy with anything too long. I am the person constantly trying to find a better way to do something. So that is why there are more changes with the layout :)

We are adding a new feature! What right now will be sporadic newsletter will hopefully turn into weekly newsletters that will share special discounts and fun stuff that is going on. I hope that it will be a good place to share all the great things I am thinking about adding and all the fun fabrics that I am drooling over!

I will also be working on getting the facebook page and twitter pages all updated and ready to share more fun stuff with you. Although I do sometimes post the same things on those accounts I do often have specials on one that I don't on the other. Maybe you found that out over the holidays as I did have more postings to twitter than to facebook easily. Sorry facebook fanatics, but this small biz owner hasn't been too happy with all the changes that have happened recently but I promise to keep in touch on there as well.

And I really miss the interaction I used to have on here. I know it was usually for free items (which I am thinking about again) but I did love to hear from each and everyone of you!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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