Monday, December 26, 2011

New year is almost here

Hello everyone!

It has been so very long but the holiday are over and I can finally breath again!

So of course this is the time of year to organize and purge and just get ready for a new start. I have so many new items on the horizon for you but I wanted to take today to just show you a little glimpse of my home studio. It is also our playroom and office and boy did it need a lot of work!

This is the "before" and kinda in the middle shots. See this is where the Christmas tree was and we were working on purging all the old toys and getting all the new ones in the shelves. So here is our disaster:

Our work space (notice my sewing machine and serger are no where to be found - there isn't a lot of room there for me)

Where our Christmas tree was and formerly our play castle for the girls

Yuck, I'm really ashamed of this! All the toys and misc projects I am working on

And the "after" shots :) We still have a way to go but man do I feel better about it! I might actually get some work done this week!

Look at all that fabric I am making into lounge pants :)

My new work area - Still needs some tweaking and definitely more organizing

Look at all those pretty new toys. And I safely put away some in new homes in the living room near their kitchen! Still have some organizing to do but mostly it's getting all those projects done :)

I am so excited for this new space and all the great ideas and custom orders that I have been working on. The next couple months are bringing some really great changes and hopefully you will enjoy them!

Happy holidays everyone from my family to yours!

Jenny, Nick, Kat and Mia

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