Monday, December 3, 2012

Just a little hello...! Just kidding, I couldn't help myself. Since I have had this weird cold or whatever it is, I have had a lot of great brainstorming sessions. Seems like I have no motivation but can definitely think a lot better. Maybe I was using all my energy brainstorming :) Anyways, as some of you have checked out I am making pinterest boards to go with all of my custom listings so that you have one central place to check everything out. I even came up with a way to get the choices as pictures so they will come up on Etsy listings as well. So if I can do this with Pinterest, I can do it with Facebook, and maybe if I can figure it out, somehow in Twitter as well. BUT this means lots of behind the scenes work and it might take awhile. Today I am planning on taking the girls to a local library that has this big huge castle this afternoon. We were there on Friday and I had to drag them out after over an hour. I figure that I can get lots cranked out while they play.

Okay, just got asked to help make blueberry muffins so I better run! More updates coming soon!

Have a great day!

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