Friday, December 7, 2012

So are you following me yet?

I have been busy pinning away on my new pinterest business account! What a fabulous way to show you guys what great selections you have available! I have been too busy with orders to get everything integrated but here are some of the things I have come up with so far!

 So for our Flannel Lounge Pants we have these choices:

I realize now that there are still some issues with cropping and getting all them in there, but you can find them at this link....

To order put the description in the notes section until the variation is created. That's the next step but it's a little time consuming so I haven't gotten that far yet!

Infant sizes:

Toddler sizes:

Children's sizes:

Adult sizes:

That's all I'm going to condense for you tonight...Sorry I just sent out 10 pairs of custom lounge pants for a new small company and I have 6 more to finish up for them tomorrow to mail out! I need to save some of my brain cells to sew :)

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Have a fab day!

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