Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Boys Stuff and more coming

Well here you go! I finally finished my first set of little boys stuff! And they are cute. We had to reschedule our photo shoot for last night to tomorrow night since I broke my machine yesterday. Oops. So here you go!

Our new vest for little guys

Available for sizes 12 monthes up to size 7!
Cotton version will be $18
Satin version will be $22

And we couldn't go without having something cute for the other half of all those little cuties out there!

Show in Denim with a false fly! So easy to get on.

Denim $18
Twill $20

Both are designed by
And more goodies coming! Yesterday I purchased the Catie Dress Pattern and of course an item that could be either boy or girl is The Unisex Urban Hoodie. I know a lot of people were interested in both so I am super excited to start making a sample! Tomorrow there will be more listings going up and more pictures, plus visit us for Freebie Friday! It will be a great time!

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