Friday, July 22, 2011

Feebie Friday - July 22, 2011

It's scary how fast Fridays have been creeping up on me lately. I have been so busy, in the studio and out of the studio, that my head just doesn't seem to be on straight anymore. :)

We have gained some new supporters and I just wanted to say  HELLO and thank you for joining us!

I also wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that I have been a little sidetracked this week thinking about kids. Unfortunately this subject is going to get very serious, very fast. My niece was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma Cancer when she was just 4 months old. They found a tumor the size of an adult fist attached to her spine and her liver. The tumor was pressing on her spine so bad that she lost the use of her legs. The day that my brother and sister-in-law found out it was cancer was the day she started chemo treatments. Now I know that I can't ever imagine the feeling that my brother and sister-in-law were in. EVER. But I felt so horrible knowing I had two healthy children less than two weeks older than dear Charlotte. AND so very grateful that I had two healthy children. Fast forward over 2 years later and Charlotte, Mia and Katrina are the very best friends and love to play and run around together. Charlotte has been in remission for over a year now and her tumor has shrunk from the chemo. The saddest thing about this whole story isn't just Charlotte. It's the enormous amount of kids who are affected by this disease each and every day! Neuroblastoma is a childhood cancer. Now, why is this bothering me this week? It is International Neuroblastoma Awareness Week and I have been reading about so many little ones going through this horrible disease. Please check out their facebook page at International Neuroblastoma Awareness Week and also go over to to see Charlotte and so many other brave little warriors' stories!

Okay, now that I've been crying, we need to get back to business. This week I'm going to offer one item up for grabs for Freebie Friday from our facebook album of ready made items. What item? Any item you would like! You pick!

Okay, so we'll still go with one comment for today but make it count. Follow us here on the blog with Google Connect, or with Networked blogs. Become a fan on our facebook page Heart our etsy shop at Or do all three. Or let us know that you already have done all the things above. I think it would be interesting to here what you guys are most grateful for today:) I love hearing more about all of you!

So hug those little ones a little more today as that's what I am going to do right now. Kat is patiently waiting at mommy's feet for me to finish this post so we can go on the front porch to watch the storm coming in.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


  1. Jenny! I like you on Facebook! And I am super grateful for wonderful friends like you and your daughters! :)

  2. Thank you Jessica! We had so much fun yesterday I'm just sorry it ended on such a sad note. Thanks for all your help and good luck :)

  3. I like you on facebook, <3 you on etsy, and follow via gfc. I am thankful for a working air conditioning and for a healthy family. My hubs and I run our own business so we get to both stay home with the kids. We don't make much money, but we make enough to pay the bills every month and that's enough for us. :)

  4. Omg this story has a beautiful ending but made me cry and my heart melt. I'm thankful for so much this week/month. I had a beautiful daughter on July 6th with no kidney problems as originally predicted on her first ultrasound (I used acupuncture to cure that while she was still iin utero)I had a very serious incident wednesday before last where habenero peppers were packaged as hot peppers and I ended up with chemical burns to my hands from them as a result, that resulted in a trip to the emergency dept where I was told there is nothing they can do to treat the pain. They can only offer meds to reduce swelling but time is the only thing that will take pain away. I'm thankful that I never touched my week old infant daughter when she needed a diaper change before the oils seeped into my hands and started burning them.I was screaming my head off in pain for 14 hours or more and initially I had no way to feed my daughter because I couldn't touch her. Thankfully, I was brave enough to put gloves oon my hands and freze my hands in ice water when in emerg dept long enough to get her to latch. It was no ideal situation but she's too little to give a bottle to yet because she'll forget how to breastfeed if given the ease of a bottle. She was born with a deformed inturned foot but all the bones appear to be present (too little to do an unnecessary xray on yet)she's being followed by two suregons although when the casting process of her leg begins we'll have to travel 1500 km every week with her to get a new cast put on. This will be the process until she's about six months old and can have surgery on her foot. We have a wedding next week(sisters)and one two weeks after 700 km away, so life is busy but we're all coping with help of great family supports. We also found out last week that my husband has high cholesterol, he's only 28 and a marathon runner. So we completely emptied our house of anything remotely unhealthy. I'm thankful we found this problem early and have a friedn who's a dietician.So we're off to trying to develop a routine to our new extremly busy lifestyle. I'm exhausted at times but would not trade a min of it.And I already like your fb page and follow your blog. My mom is on her third year cancer free now. It's a wonderful feeling to see the numbers go by.

  5. I did all four!

    Such a touching story...I couldn't even imagine. I, too, am thankful for my three, healthy, beautiful children. Some days I might want to pull my hair out, but I know I am truly blessed. <3

  6. I have done all three.

    My heart goes out to your family members and all they have had to endure!
    I am thankful for my healthy little girl AND I am thankful for the job interview I had today! I was one of only 10 interviewed and my skills fit the position well. I hope to be called for a second interview sometime next week!

    kendradawn - My husband also has high cholesterol and is a marathon runner. It has done us a lot of good to eat healthier, but it is difficult to maintain long-term. We try to keep "junk food" confined to holidays only :-)

  7. Thanks little Miss. Yeah when you have gentics working on the other end of your health, it's hard to keep anything under control with diet/exercise alone. We're giving a six month mark and then we'll have him on cholesterol pills. He's already on blood pressure medications. Sadly his family don't 'burden' people with their health problems as his mom put it. So we did not know what was there with his family history until I stressed the importance to her of telling us that. Turns out his dad has a heart arrthymia as well. That's something that is lethal if no treated. I'm encouraging her to be more open with all her family now about any and all concerns no matter how little. Yeah people keep saying you can have a treat but that's not true. We don't really know how to have just a treat so it's best to purge ourselves of a bad diet unless it's holidays. Best of luck to your husband. Dr. Thinks egg yolks drove up my husbands cholesterol. You should cut those out if he eats a lot of eggs as well. Whites are perfectly fine.


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