Friday, July 15, 2011

Freebie Friday - July 15th, 2011

Wow has it been super busy lately! Last week we celebrated 1000 fans and this week I am planning (and sewing up a storm for) my first craft fair. This seems like it could be a big one. It is a family fest that is in a gated community on a lake. Um, wow! This is a big deal and I am super excited about it but still really nervous too.

 I hate to do this to you guys again but I am going to have to postpone Freebie Friday until next week! I barely can find my scissors let alone a spare item or time to sew a new item right now. Let me get through this weekend and I promise that next week will be better. I will have some time off in the near future so maybe I can get everything back in order :)

Thank you again for all the support! And for all of those that entered our auction and giveaway last week - YOU ARE AWESOME! Our next celebration will be an auction when we hit 1500 fans. I'm sure I can do something big for 2000 fans. Oooo, maybe a special 6 month, 2000 fan celebration?

Even though there isn't a freebie this week, what would you like to buy if you saw me at a craft fair? It's a little late to ask but it will give me some insight for the next one :) Plus maybe I can whip up some more stuff tonight :)

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Jennifer EllicottJuly 15, 2011 at 8:07 AM

    You, too, have a wonderful Friday! I would buy any of the beautiful girls dresses that you have created! They are gorgeous and would make my cuties even cuter, if you can believe that! Thanks for the giveaway, too - I was a lucky girl! Happy Friday!

    NoMoreFOURMe at live dot com.

  2. Don't worry about Freebie Friday. We wish you all the luck with your craft fair but your products look splendid so I'm sure you won't need luck. Be sure to have sign that says follow my blog/etsy/fb and twitter page to see more of my products and a chance for freebies. Make sure they know you do custom orders with notification. I'm not sure what I'd like to see. Probably a stroller blanket that has the holes in it for the straps to go through, lined in minky fabric and featured in a bright fabric. I gave you a lot of other ideas so the creativity. Needs more time to refresh. Maybe a reversible seasonal dress. One side for halloween, the other for fall/Thanksgiving or even xmas or easter or st.paddy's day obviously children grow so xmas would have to have a winter side, easter a spring side, not sure what for the st paddy's one. Take care and above all enjoy your craft show. Don't be nervous, smile lots and show confidence. People want to buy from someone who's confident in their product.


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