Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Today has not been the most terrific of Tuesdays but I am so glad that I have all you great people checking in still! And welcome to all our new friends! Things are usually a lot more upbeat I promise!

I have had a sick little one for the last couple days and am feeling the guilty mommy syndrome. You know the one where you think you have to be there for every second when something is going on? Well this week I can't and it's been a little heartbreaking. Daddy is staying home with the girls tomorrow and I will be home with them Thursday so I apologize for any delayed e-mails or orders at this point. I am still sewing, it's just taking a bit longer than usual!

I have promised pictures, and they are coming, just not quite here yet. I am almost done with 2 urban hoodies and have a bunch more cut out for orders. So they are coming, I promise!

Well better run, I have some time to sew so I better take advantage of it!


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