Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Well I missed Sunday Funday because of Easter and all the illness going around our household so I'm very sorry!

So today we are going to work on getting those facebook numbers up so you guys can enjoy free shipping until Mother's Day! Oh, and I'm going to throw in a little bonus! If we get up to 200 likes on Facebook by midnight this Friday, I will giveaway a $15 gift certificate. Here's how you get it. Post this to your facebook page or send out as a message (you can e-mail this too):

Please come over and check out @JS Designs Studios Facebook Page! If you visit, like what you see, press like and leave a comment that I sent you! Both of us could win a $15 gift certificate and be eligible for free shipping until Mother's Day. You can also go over to http://jsdesignsstudio.blogspot.com and comment on her Terrific Tuesday post. Tell all your friends and you can win the gift certificate too!

I will tally all the likes, comments, etc on Saturday and the one with the most referrals wins. For those of you that already have an Affiliate Code you may use that as well. We only have 37 to go by Friday so this should be easy peasy! Oh, and I'm feeling generous today so if you guys are feeling like overachievers I will give out two $15 gift certificates to the top two people who refer our studio if you can get us up to 300 likes!

Oh, and to all of you who have won something or put in orders I am working hard on them this week. Last week really messed up my whole process! They should all be out by Friday if not sooner!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Jenny made my girls' satin easter dresses this year and they were GORGEOUS! They did not wrinkle, even though the girls were in & out of their car seats for church. The girls were comfortable (no scratchy seams or fabrics), so they were HAPPY! Mommy was happy when I realized I could WASH AND DRY them at home! (Thanks to Jenny's laundry labels) Plus - stains came out including lipstick, chocolate & orange juice. What a deal - I'll definitely use Jenny for all my girls' fancy dresses in the future!


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